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2019 Whole Community Survey Responses

Statistics For the Bishopston and Murton Ward ONLY

When we ran this survey the community council only wanted the views of the people living in the Bishopston / Murton ward. We checked the postcode of the responses to split them we had a total of 391 responses from the ward.


Of respondents AGREE.

“Do you support the idea of a pump track / skate facility in the village?”


Of respondents DISAGREE.


“Do you agree with the community council’s decision to refuse any use of land in Murton for this project?”


Of respondents thought the community council should reconsider their decision.

“If the community is in favour of this facility do you think the community council should reconsider their decision about the location?”

282 Total Comments from Survey

Negative Comments

Total 51

  1. Who is responsible for health and safety of the track. Also the plan for long term maintenance? 

  2. I am not in favour as I am concerned about the is very marshy at this site,springs underground at the well.My granused to talk about a pond being nearby and caves underground.The size of pump track is unrealistically small.I feel that the surrounding area will be taken up and churned up and probably developed at some point.The drug problem in this particular area is well knowm

  3. Given the average age of residents in the immediate vicinity, this proposal is totally inappropriate. There have been several problems with children congregating in Murton Park and the nearby car park taking drunks and encouraging anti-social behaviour. I fail to see how this proposal would combat such issues, if not encourage them.

  4. I am mostly concerned of antisocial behaviour this project could attract.  Although I'm sure the track would be aimed at younger children, my concern would be older teenagers muscling their way in, bullying younger ones, pushing drugs etc. It does go on in that park and the car park by the day centre, I've seen evidence for myself. Its already quite rowdy up there in the evenings and somewhat intimidating.The proposed site for the park represented by a red square on the leaflet seems unrealistic, I think it will be much bigger. I think we should preserve green spaces in the village as much as possible. Drainage is a problem in this area, causing floods and water damage to properties, I'm no engineer but in routing more concrete on this higher plot of land cannot help this ongoing problem.  Will the park be monitored will it be maintained?

  5. Dangerous for younger bikers using it

  6. all areas have been previously looked at and not suitable

  7. this is not suitable for this area. all green spaces should be treasured and accessible to all people at all times

  8. proposed site too near houses.
    No public toilets
    car park already too small

  9. Living close to Murton.  Having problems with teenagers in park

  10. There is plenty of room in the school grounds for the skatepark

  11. As it is names Bishopston Skatepark it shoud be placed in Bishopston 

  12. Carefully chosen words will not change decisions that have been made.

  13. I concur with all the reasons the Council have refused Murton Green

  14. who will initially fund this, maintain it, be liable for public liability insurance etc. 

  15. Would attract all sorts. 

  16. Stop being spoilt children. There are plenty of places to play already

  17. Just use the one being built on the front bottom of Mayals

  18. Have you heard of the disturbances that these cause.  Murton should be kept as it is.

  19. if this was supervised fair enough but this could be a hangout for drink and drug users

  20. their are already plans in place for a skateboard parkfacilities in place for a skateboard park along the front of mumbles - it's it's not too far away.

  21. we have enough problems in this area with cars abusing the car park near the community centre.

  22. I live on Mansell Field Road by the post officeEn Mansell Field Road by the post office I feel that the community council has given you fair and honest reasons for saying no for saying no. Why don't you join with us to help with planning the action and the project going on there. The village has a drug problem on the green. I have not seen the police gower Swansea deeds team have been here! Who are here to help all the ages and people living here. I see the date of this meeting was the 29th of the fourth of 2019. Was this then a skate park pump track he is talking about. A lot of older people do not know what pump track is. There are plenty of outdoor activities football cricket rugby tennis courts gym in school grounds. youth club at murton hall. Parking is another thing I have to take my life into hands to cross the road from house to bus stop.

  23. murton green is the only green space left in the village and I would like it to remainThe only green space left in the village and I would like it to remain.

  24. pump tracks should be as far from other amenities housing traffic etc.. as possible

  25. If it goes ahead together with football cricket children's park there is needed for toilet facilities

  26. encourage more traffic - unsafe

  27. This is not an independent survey authors final results cannot be validated o

  28. get to grips with planning applications

  29. too much going on in the park as it is after dark. too many boy racers/drugs

  30. There is a skate park planned for mumbles which is going ahead. That would be more suitable as funding has been secured for that project. Also murton green is not suitable due to how waterlogged the land is. In addition this will bring antisocial behaviour to the village. I know in the day when kids are using it this would not be a problem, but at night I think it will attract this kind of activity. Finally I thinks it’s a better use of funds to build the cycle path across the common, this would also then help connect people who can not drive to the planned mumbles skate park. Thank you for reading.

  31. it might attract an element from outside the local community making it uncontrollable.

  32. Unless supervised how do you know the drug pushing elect will not be there? as well as undesirables.

  33. Bish comp School fields

  34. it would encourage youngsters from outside the area/village which could cause problems

  35. will encourage facebook and instagram people who don't know our village, can request a vote. our councillors look after our village and our green spaces

  36. No No No!

  37. Bishopston Park is being unused and an ideal site. The green in murton is integral to the look of the village. And a village green is something that a lot of places would love to have. The car park in murton already attracts unsocial behaviour and there has been drug dealing and laughing gas canisters regularly being found. I feel a skate park will attract youngsters from outside the area as a place to congregate. The park should be manned such as the site in bishopston comp and where facilities and carpark are located 

  38. Location much too close to the car park

  39. access to and off any pump track needs careful consideration

  40. The land should be accessible to all, not just some kids who will no doubt graffiti it and leave loads of mess

  41. Leave murton green alone

  42. looking at pump tracks online the idea is good but the location shoud not impact on anyone else. it would expect spread from the designated area and have too greater impact on the green. could link with the cycle track

  43. join other areas and have one. we are fed up with the existing antisocial behaviour + drug use this will be a magnet for more of this

  44. I would never agree to using our green.

  45. it would be an ugly mirrusion into a lovely green area.  Also it would encourage large meetings of youths from out of this area as well this is something observed in other similar places with the danger of unwelcome behaviour in a quit crime free community with a lot of elderly people 

  46. Our only concerns is that it could become an area where undesirable people frequently visit. Who would maintain this pump track?

  47. a skatepark would be impossible to control and monitor.
    it would possibly attract the very worst of society encouraging antisocial behavour. residents must be considered

  48. this could attract elements from further afield which could cause trouble and why shoud out lax be arent on this

  49. it would be an ugly construction in a lovely green area
    the potential that the facility could attract a lot of teens from further away cannot be ruled out + ignored with extra traffic and disturbance + maby antisocial behaviour

  50. I am a Long Acre residents in the village green environment should be maintained this area or is already subjected to fast loud car and texts and no policing more control would be provided for sure 

  51. do not ruin the beautiful village green!

Positive Comments

Total 231

  1. The land in question is boggy and not used. The Council should take into consideration all its residents, not just those of a certain age. Security cameras would protect everyone. people complain about youngsters on their phones and computers all the time, the ones their parents invented by the way and bought them for them, and yet start using your initiative - and that's not good enough either. The Council should back it, promote it and use it as a trophy for their inclusivity and forward thinking!

  2. Stick to your guns and keep fighting for the skate park with pump track too. 

  3. I think we need a skatepark so we can keep fit and have fun

  4. Maybe Murton park would be ok near the garage side of the park but current drainage is terrible and it couldn’t be too close to the park as I thinks it’s best to keep them separate. I think the council have a very outdated approach and need to understand the needs for our youth. 

  5. While I recognise there are drainage issues at Murton Green, construction of the pump track could help resolve this. We need to provide more local facilities for older children and teenagers in the village, not expect them to be driven to an alternative location. The parish council should represent the needs of all in the community. I would imagine there are also some adults in the village who’d use this track as well. 

  6. I’m all in for a pump track or skate park but I don’t think Murton green would be the best place due to fireworks night and my dog loves to run about there! Bishopston Park would be good as I never see anyone use it. 

  7. Good luck. I hope all the hard work you boys are doing gets a good result. 

  8. Noise dissipates in open spaces 👍
    ASB will reduce, NOT increase 👍
    The village belongs to kids too 👍
    Let’s tackle the lack of youth facilities in Murton/Bishopston 👍
    Good luck boys/girls ..keep fighting 💪

  9. Good effort guys

  10. Bish park is not as accessible though

  11. I think you should enlarge the park. 

  12. Fantastic idea. Need to get kids out and active. Obesity is at the highest level it has ever been. The benefits to mental health of exercise are also proven. Kids getting out, socialising and exercising will help prevent depression and anxiety as well as improve their physical health. There is no argument!

  13. great fun idea

  14. Discussed with the way the community council have handled this, it should be a whole community discussion, not just a few. 

  15. I didn't realise it was so small, it would only enhance the green and provide entertainment to the young teens which is lacking at present

  16. disagree with 7 out of the 8 objections a bigger track/skate facility is preferable so why not the land on the other side of the road. the cc's response is disappointing - no suggested alternatives put forward 

  17. - easy access for all incl. wheelchair users, buggies etc.
    - on view, not hidden away needs to be seen and safe

  18. Great Idea

  19. the skate park is a great idea - keep on plugging at it

  20. What sort of person is against facilities for children that are safe & economic ?

  21. Great project keep going u will succeed!!

  22. This is an excellent project. Fully agree with the proposal. 

  23. The Community Councillors are all unelected; call a vote of no confidence and get sensible forward thinking people to stand.

  24. No to skate ramp. I Only support a pump track suitable for all ages

  25. Bishopston/Murton area is lacking in facilities for older children. This facility would be very well used by all ages and would be low maintenance and self policed by local families using the facility. It would help to keep children and young people active, outdoors and socialising. As a family with 2 boys aged 7 and 9 we would regularly visit as a family. 

  26. Even though i can't use the pump track i think it's a great idea to have. 

  27. I think the space in wellfield would be great for this. Already has a tarmac area that is unused and I so rundown. I think it would be more likely to get it in a place where you’re up cycling rather than replacing green but you guys are the experts. Best of luck you are doing a fantastic job. 

  28. essenial for kids - loads at penyrieol

  29. for years the community council have said no - why? this is really important - a basketball court would also be great

  30. great idea. there is nothing for older children in the area. There Is no youthclub. The community council must have been young once!

  31. This is a fantastic idea. I am very proud of Jake and Jed in their efforts and their consideration to their peers + local community for young people to have a positive opportunity to form a skating community. Go for it!!

  32. this would be an excellent facility

  33. What else is their for this generation around Bishopston? They are the future listen to them!

  34. great idea

  35. plenty of room there I think + opportunity to convert the forge to a juice bar for 12 - 17 year olds

  36. attached to bishopston sports centre

  37. A great idea for all the local Residents / Parents / Children

  38. I'm satisfied with the location

  39. I hope you are successful prepared to help further if required

  40. area shown on survey seems to small make it bigger

  41. the community council is failing to provide appropriate facilities for the many children in the village. this must change no more delays and excuses. for shame on them all

  42. think it is a great idea! best of luck

  43. have ambitions for a much larger track on the other side of the road

  44. The skatepark is a great idea.  Well done on all your hard work to make it happen

  45. Proposed site looks ideal for locality.  Could be a little bigger, plus could it be used for another activity?

  46. Children need safe environments to play

  47. Fully support the project.  Needed for the 8 to 12 + year olds

  48. Well done Jake and jed for your persistence I hope after reading this more people would get behind you

  49. We think it's a good idea for the reasons. Can't think of a better location 

  50. You guys are awesome and it is important the council and local community support this project. This is such a positive and productive use of land and money. Children are the future of Murton and Bishopston👍

  51. Good luck with this! 

  52. I think this is a great idea and hope the Community Council listen to the views of the residents on this matter 

  53. I am very disappointed in the community councils decision. Is shows a real lack of foresight and also a lack of understanding about the needs of the younger generation. Seems like some selfish older generation people blocking it all to me. 

  54. The pump track would be an amazing asset to the community

  55. Originally backed community council decision, but having seen the size of land required, now disagree.

  56. I think the community council needs to broaden its horizons and look at some other similar facilities around the UK. Lots of positive effects for the local community. 

  57. In the Community Council's own words "Through its activities we aim to represent the members of the community in maintaining and improving the environment and facilities in the area.  It is important that we find out the views of the community, which is why we ask that if you have any matters you would like us to take into consideration, please contact us"
    This project benefits the local community, the local families, council should respond favourably and encourage projects that impact the community in a positive way which is what the pump track is - a positive impact and a wonderful facility for all to have and enjoy. The local community is in favour of the project and approval of the project will reflect that sentiment.

  58. their are so many families in our village and if you speak to any of them they will say how much support there is for a skate facility

  59. the park at wellfield badly needs updating and a pump track there would be more central to the village

  60. I fully support this initiative there is no reason I can see why it shouldn't be built

  61. there are no facilities for young people - we need something like this in the village

  62. this adds security for youngster
    a very good proposal 
    possible a larger unit 
    could be considered capable of holding competitions for the children

  63. I think the yes / no answers are a bit simplistic.  I support the facility IF it is small scale and away from residential properties. The current location looks ok as long as it stays at the scale stated and does not increase in size, and if it does not prevent other community events such as fireworks and may day.  I do believe that older kids need some facilities and this helps with this. I would also like to hear the views of the youth group that the community council plan to set up to see if this is what the olservice kid's in bishopston want. 

  64. this would be ideal for children of all ages and locating it in the area of other parks / facilities makes sense to me

  65. Good Luck

  66. good luck

  67. A skatepark would be great for youngsters (and adults) in the village. It would encourage children to spend more time outdoors and socialise in a safe environment.

  68. Think it would be a wonderful addition to the village. I have 3 sons and would love for them to have such a facility nearby. 

  69. Need more sporting facilities for families to use of all ages 

  70. About time there were facilities for all ages

  71. The proposed site is The best option as far as I can see.  It would be accessible for all and be part of the community.  I think all members of our community would be responsible for ensuring that the space would be used in a respectable and responsible fashion and that both young, teens and adults would feel safe using it or being near it.

  72. This is a brilliant idea for local children. Murton is the perfect location.

  73. Great idea and a needed facility for kids and the youth of the village. 

  74. Either location would work, there is a playground and football goals already in Bish Park so the fact it is surrounded by houses should make no difference, I guess there is less room there to put a pump track though. 

  75. A pump track with mini ramp like the one in Gorseinon would be great! Maybe suggesting a yearly competition to raise awareness of local businesses etc.

  76. This facility is exactly what we should be undertaking to improve the health and wellbeing of our young people. 

  77. Great work guys, best of luck! 

  78. A skatepark would be better + more inclusive but take what you can

  79. I am impressed how the project members have presented their case

  80. we as a household are very impressed by the 3 lads involved + fully support the project. we need to get behind younger community members!
    Good Luck

  81. There is currently v little for the young teens to do in the village. we need this and more

  82. I wonder if there's anyone in the community council who represents young people? I assume the majority are not this age group. 

  83. Time for change. 

  84. don't give up your hard work in trying to bring this facility about!

  85. This was proposed many years ago by the community council but then Swansea city representative lost interest!!

  86. I would rather see the skatepark in the heart of bish than in Murton. The disused play area site is enclosed and separate from traffic. The land is not being used for other things (ie May Day and village activities) and it’s closer to the school. 

  87. This is a brilliant idea. Well done guys. 

  88. Great for children and adults to go and exercise and to be outside.

  89. A skate park in bishopston would be AMAZING 

  90. As a non-driving Mum, this local project would be wonderful for my 2 children. I feel that a village like Murton should cater for the needs of the young, as well as the old. 

  91. I’m all for this pump track to go ahead on Murton green. My only concern is that it’s too small. I think people will lose interest in it and maybe travel further away to use better facilities (like Gorseinon). If we’re going to do this, let’s make it the best we can.. 

  92. We think this is a fantastic initiative, which would provide a much needed sports and social facility for the youngsters in our community. Well done to all involved in the campaign. 

  93. commendable project keep up the good work and you will gather support

  94. A much larger area shoud be provides for this so children can develop skills and exercise in a safe enviroment

  95. it would be good for children to do more outdoor activity

  96. Family, bishopston residents, therefore part of the community including my grandson.

  97. CCTV will protect everyone

  98. proposed site is ideal, as there are plenty of car parking facilities available

  99. There is currently nothing in the village for 10-16 years olds, a skatepark/Pump track would make a superb enhancement to our village. 

  100. car park facilities are already on site, plus with dayroom centre maby for toilet facilies etc..

  101. We think the proposed area shops be bigger ie set to the left closer to the park

  102. good luck, hope you get a skatepark somewhere

  103. This is a must have for this area its not an option to not have it!!

  104. the suggested site looks perfect

  105. I entirely support the comments of PC Jeavons

  106. Good location

  107. This is the best location

  108. it will be good for the children to have a different interest

  109. its a great addition to our village for young and old skaters alike 

  110. Fantastic idea

  111. it is important to support younger members of the community

  112. although we or our family would not use it we feel it would be an ideal facility for the village good luck

  113. great for the local community social and mental wellbeing and good for the economy

  114. I think this would be an excellent addition to bishopston

  115. I would love a pump/skate track


  117. Support Jake and Jed.  My own son attempted this when he was their age.  Keith Marsh promised the council would consider it and that was 17 years ago.  Disgraceful

  118. Children in need more outdoor facilities what happened to the youth clubs we enjoyed as kids. +12 children on guests

  119. hope it goes ahed soon before the boys grow up! Very impressed by the way this has been handled that the boys behaved so responsibly and the adults listen to them it is so encouraging to hear the policeman's comments. I have a grandson their age and I know that they now take along off the main road route down to the mumbles Road site off the main road route down to the mumbles that is still partly on a lane of traffic so until we have a cycle path across the common this should go ahead soon I do hope that you keep a healthy hedge between the Punk track and the main road. Should this eventually proved unsuccessful when the boys grow up the site could easily be turned into an attractive rockery with a seat for the elderly.

  120. My ground at wellfield is in terrible repair already designated as A play area this would be great site for this without taking up the green space 

  121. We moan children don't go out to play, stuck on computers... Our younger generations need facilities, this would be fantastic for our community. 

  122. We want are young people to enjoy the outdoors

  123. we need to support fun and different exercise options in the area.

  124. We need this because I love cycling and skateboarding so it would be a good place for me to practise

  125. Concrete bowl as well

  126. Drainage is an issue on the site (it was once a bog) however its an ideal place. We'd love to use this! Well Done Guys!

  127. B.S.P is entirely admirable. Only concern - louts from outside area spoiling it for everyone.

  128. Children need more places to play

  129. Kids need more fun Outdoors

  130. children need more play equipment

  131. I’m aware some people in the village are worried about young people gathering and noise etc... what about adding in some ‘adult’ exercise equipment for all ages and for disabled people to make it an area interesting for all people and bring the community together doing different activities... maybe that would be too costly but it might meet with approval of the doubters??? Good luck!!! 

  132. this is badly needed in the area. there are no facilities for young adults

  133. It is essential for the healthy development of young people in this community that they have somewhere to meet and socialise and feel a sense of belonging. They have a right to play and leisure and I dispute the community council's right to prevent this. The community council being a very small, not necessarily representative group of people.  I have contributed significantly to facilitate play opportunities in the village for 5-13 year olds for the past 29 years via Bishopston Summer playscheme and feel very strongly that this isn't enough, children and young people need a year round place to meet up, socialise, exercise and develop the skills of tolerance and acceptance. This is what builds healthy communities. 

  134. Teenagers need something positive to do. As adults we ned to provide this for them. A skatepark is beneficial + positive addition to the community

  135. All ages could use this facility not just children

  136. I think a skatepark can only be of great benefit in an area which is lacking in facilities for kids aged 8-9+. Fully support this proposal and the location. The excuses being put forward not to support this don’t make sense - I can only think of 2 days where that land is used for other purposes (May Day) and (bonfire night). 2 days out of 365!!!!! The rest of the time it’s never used!!! This would be a perfect thing to put there. 

  137. Skateboard provision, and for that matter play provision in general throughout Bishopston has been a matter for discussion by the community council for decades. It is apparent that children and young people are not seen as legitimate users of all public open space other than those specifically designated for them. Its time for change. 

  138. Great idea, Very inclusive, all ages ages, good fitness, interaction + social development. improved bike skills will encourage bile use on road + less driving of cars

  139. Keeping children healthy, outdoors in a safe, accessible environment is paramount 

  140. 1. bishopston not murton
    2. they did not say that, see my notes question misleading


  142. youngsters desperately need local activities 

  143. Great idea
    Go For It

  144. Murton council needs to wake up and see the potential for young people

  145. What about landscaping around the track to decrease its visibility?  see how the car park around Bryn mill paddling pool is landscaped. what an excellent project. much needed facility and very professional.

  146. The young people of this community need some provision for their leisure activities. There is literally no where that they can take ownership of in this community. 

  147. Some feedback would be to look at question 2. Did the council refuse any land or just the proposed plan. The council have given quite a well defended argument as to why the proposed site is not suitable. Would it be a good idea to publish a response to their decision before the closing date?  This way There may be more support as I really wanted to answer yes to question 3. Ignore this if it’s already on the flyer. I think my hubby has already handed it in. 

  148. My concern would be around upkeep and maintenance-who would be responsible? I already pay enough council tax

  149. I live in Kittle and feel that there is nothing within safe walking distance for children. Due to lack of pavements Pennard is out of reach and Bishopston park is in a state of disrepair. We desperately need this facility and Murton is accessible and central.

  150. Currently there is very little for the young people around the Mumble area. In Murton there a two parks, one fallen apart and one only fit for small children. I believe that if we had a skate park, all ages would use this. This would be amazing for the community.

  151. I think Murton would be good 

  152. Would be a much needed superb addition to the village for all children young and old 

  153. This is such an important thing to have for children in any community...the long term effects will be so positive for both users and the wider community. It’s a no-brainer! 

  154. we must encourage the older and younger people to have actives outdoors

  155. I think its crazy that their is so little support for anything for teenager in Bish

  156. kids need somewhere to play

  157. I fully support this project it would be an amazing resource for the older children in the community

  158. good luck - physical enjoyable outdoor actives are vital for childrens health and development

  159. I think a skateboard park would be a great asset to Bishopston/ Murton.  At present, children in the 8-15 age range have very little to do locally.  I feel that a skatepark might be a better option than a pump track, if only this small area was available, because less space is needed for such a facility.  If the decision was for a pump track rather than a skatepark, I think that a greater area of land should be made available for the purpose.  This would allow it to be a really excellent facility that the local children could enjoy.  Whilst on holiday in Cornwall, we saw a great skatepark in Padstow.  Something like this, even on a smaller scale would be amazing for local kids.  A decent size pump track would also be great and either would be good for the physical and social development of local children.  Thank you for all your efforts in trying to develop this facility.

  160. I do not want a track in the nursery park 5m away from my bedroom my garden fence is the nursey Park perimeter 

  161. If this is what young people want then this should be built. I wonder whether the 55 + are at it again and blocking stuff for teenagers. 

  162. This is a fantastic idea

  163. Good idea but don't like location 

  164. This is an important facility for the local community

  165. As above 

  166. As a family with 2 boys who love their bikes and scooters we very much welcome this project

  167. Excellent idea as we know that our grandson and friends would love it

  168. I feel it would be a good facility for the younger generation

  169. I would rather a skatepark than pump, but at this point anything will do!

  170. The community council should support this

  171. Facilities for young teens and late primary school children need to be addressed.  This would be a huge bonus and benefit local shops too!

  172. Skate facility needed in the area

  173. Always good to have facilities for all ages to enjoy

  174. This is so needed for our kids!

  175. Well Done Boys!

  176. We dont want it in the school as we get noise from the school gym from 10pm

  177. Involve an engineer / architect to produce a well landscaped proposal 

  178. I think it's a great idea to have a local pump track to have on with friends. - poppy age 10

  179. I have absolutely no idea why this was ever turned down. It’s a great initiative for young people by local young people, surely this should be encouraged in our community. What a great way to stay active and bring the community together. Turning it down was very short sighted and demonstrates how limited our community council can be.

  180. Skateboarding, scootering and BMXing are fantastic individual sports that do not require a team and provide an opportunity for young people to stay active and socialise whilst challenging themselves physically, if they wish. Developing such a facility would be a great way of demonstrating to the people of the local community that the local council is making the well being of young people a priority and acknowledging the priorities set out by Welsh Government in The Well Being of Future Generations act. 

  181. I have been a member of Bishopston playscheme and am now a committed member. I cannot cannot emphasis enough how important this will be to the Bishopston community. 

  182. Facilities for the youth in this are are vital to enhance social connection and overall well-being. The council should be jumping at the chance to support this plan! 

  183. Get young people active for free .. its great for mental health and would make young people feel more encouraged and included by the community with a skatepark investment.

  184. I think the proposed location is perfect. It’s central and accessible. I was very disappointed to see the community council’s reasons behind not supporting it, and feel their views are wholly unrepresentative of a large proportion of the community. 

  185. This will be a really special addition for the local youth in the area. Well done on continuing the campaign. 

  186. I think it is a good idea good job :)

  187. great idea

  188. We feel it should be at least double the size, possibly L shape with the other part to the right of the area marked parallel to the carpark 

  189. It would be great for the community 

  190. It is so vital for all generations to have accessible outdoor activities local. In today’s world where mental health crisis looms in youngsters- give them something to channel their energy into. As a community the youngsters are our future and we need to invest in them- that is our duty and responsibility 

  191. Not Wellfield

  192. -Q. supervision + monitoring?
    -hazardous sport medial?
    -daylight use only?

  193. encourage these wounderful youngsters - don't put obstacles in their way.

  194. project would encourage young people to enjoy exercise + friendship

  195. I think a skate facility could be situated near the common by the bus stop on murton green road - on common land away from houses land could be cleared there.

  196. Excellent idea

  197. Although I now live in Mayals I lived in Bishopston backing onto Wellfield park and I would have no problem at all with a skate park going there.

  198. The council should be fully supporting this scheme by representation and financially.

  199. Might be worth approaching local businesses like down to earth or murton farm, as they seem less nimby than the council! 

  200. This would be a great thing for the community 

  201. The bigger the better plus planting and pic Nik table s...a real family day out ...making sure the CCTV is covering the entire area so no worries about drugs

  202. Very cool an snazzy idea

  203. Good idea

  204. The land was left to the children of Murton years ago. It should be honoured. The Children need somewhere to go. Go back through the archives and you will see Murton Green was left for children youths to play on. 

  205. I think it’s a fantastic idea for the young people in the community.

  206. When I was a kid, there was nothing to do in Bishopston. So I used to skate/longboard in the streets. This is dangerous.  A skate park would of been ideal. So, better late than never! 🤘

  207. The community council are their to deliver for the community
    This is a much needed facility for the young people who live here little or no facilities or activities in the village. 

  208. In 52 and can't wait to skate here!
    Good luck x

  209. We need more facilities particularly for teenagers would encourage healthly outdoor activities 

  210. I think it's a great idea and great way to encourage people to get outside. A facility like this doesn't exist anywhere close enough to the community for people in the area to feasibly use without having to drive there. Murton green is such a large space that is rarely used (aside from the odd occasion) - if you were to add up the amount of use a pump track would have vs. other uses of this relatively small requested area it should be a pretty clear decision. I don't really understand what the opposition to this is 🤔

  211. This seems to be a much needed facility in our community, particularly for young people.

  212. L


  214. This would be a great addition to the village - Thank You!

  215. would be such an asset to the village

  216. the more facilies we can get for youngsters the better

  217. a proper costed feasibility study is needed. there are real problem with drainage in that to cater

  218. I did agree with the points made by the council about the proposed track in mumbles being so close although I would like to see a pump track in the village. Areas for older kids are in very short supply.

  219. Pump track style designs are very limited in their scope and usage. It would not be fitting to design just this. Many people young and old would be left out having no use for the facility, as it caters very precisely to younger users of bikes and scooters. A well designed and even small, fully concrete 'skateboard park' facility is much more likely to have wider usage by the community, owing to the greatly increased number of activities that it would easily provide. 

  220. Good luck!

  221. The community needs this

  222. It is only a small area that is needed and we should be encouraging healthy pursuits.

  223. a facility is needed where

  224. the area must be matinee by the council their are few facilities for young people in our village

  225. lots of land on Mansell green unused?
    Pump track looks small, shame you have to settle for that

  226. I would encourage outdoor activities such as this within the village I admire the initiative and commitment by the youngsters involved in the proposal however as we worker in the area I'm sadly unimpressed with the existing play area and would like to see major improvements to the play park in Bishopston and Murton the facilities for all ages of children should be available in the village Alive

  227. Outdoor activities for youngsters excellenct idea

  228. Ask the cc for a reason why

  229. I think it will be great for the youth of today - not me because I'm 94 - but my gran children

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