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Timeline Since 2018

Free Community Skate Sessions

BSP members teaching a young girl to skateboard

Throughout 2022 and 2023, we held numerous free skate sessions for young skaters in partnership with the Co-op Community Fund and Plan International UK.

Skaters aged 3 - 17 were coached privately in safe and accessible environments, and people had a blast! Some had never stepped foot on a skateboard before, and some already knew tricks the project team couldn't even name!

We held five girls-only skate sessions, encouraging confidence and disproving the stigma that skating is a "boy's sport."

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BSP members talking with a group of people in an office building

Our project is moving forward so quickly that we simply cannot update our website when any one thing happens. However, we have put together a project timeline that shows almost everything we have done since our founding in 2018.


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Bishopston Primary School Support

A drone shot of an outdoor skate sessions

Hundreds of inspired pupils from the local primary school have sent letters in support of the project. We are so grateful that the school has been supportive of the project and has let us host our summer skate sessions on-site.

Click here to see all of the brilliant letters that have been put together for us. 

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